Editorial Services

Line Editing

Line editing is typically the step after developmental editing and before copyediting. If you feel confident about the big picture of your manuscript, you will want a line edit, which focuses on the content and flow of each sentence and provides suggestions on how to strengthen the prose itself. Depending on the project, I charge about 4 cents/word for line editing, which falls at the lower end of standard rates via the Editorial Freelancers Association.

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Copyediting is usually the last step before a final proofread. Once you're sure you've solved the big picture issues and are happy with your sentences on a line level, I will read your manuscript to improve clarity, coherency, consistency, and correctness by examining the following elements of your work:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Capitalization
  • Word usage and repetition
  • Dialogue tags
  • Usage of numbers and numerals
  • Point of view and verb tense
  • Any inconsistencies (e.g. in character or place descriptions, etc.)

Depending on the project, I charge about 2.5 cents/word for copyediting, which also falls at the lower end of standard rates via the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Sample Edit

For a quote of either kind of edit, please send me ten pages that best represent your book, a query letter or back cover blurb, and the total word count of your manuscript. The pages do not have to be from the first chapter. I charge $75 for a sample line edit and $50 for a sample copy edit, and that fee will be deducted from the full edit if you choose to work with me.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

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“I had the pleasure of receiving feedback, both line edits and developmental editing, from Marisa on my memoir in progress. She provided some of the most thoughtful, comprehensive, and useful comments I received. Here are some things I found most helpful in Marisa’s feedback:

  • She offers praise and points out what’s working, but doesn’t let that overshadow what can be improved.
  • She ties her comments to specific examples.
  • She has an eagle eye for inconsistencies, the ability to spot what needs clarification, and how various parts of a manuscript tie back to each other—or don’t.
  • She recommends specific ways to improve a line, a section, a chapter, even pointing to other books that might be helpful.

I recommend Marisa without reservation. You want her eagle eyes, her compassion, and her caring to make your manuscript the best it can be.”

Kristin G.


“Marisa has an excellent knowledge of creative writing and fantastic attention to detail. In editing my novel, she pointed out problems like character inconsistencies, plot issues, concerns with pacing, and duplicate phrases and then gave suggestions that made my writing stronger. I'd highly recommend Marisa as an editor, as she is not only thoughtful and kind but also has smart ideas that greatly improved my storytelling.”

Aimee S.

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