Hi there! I'm Marisa.

My passions include creating beautiful, meaningful language as well as connecting with and supporting others in a variety of ways. This site focuses on my writing. To find out about my other work, please visit my LinkedIn page.

Since I first picked up a pencil, I enjoyed scribbling on blank paper, whether I was drawing or imagining I was writing words. I wrote, or rather, dictated to my mother, my first book at age five. I've loved writing ever since, and my big dream became to publish a novel.

Unfortunately, I believed people when they said writing was a hobby, not a career, instead of believing in myself. I let others make decisions for me, and I lost sight of my aspirations. Because of this, I took a long break from creative writing during college and my time working as an NYC public school teacher.

After experiencing a major turning point in my life during 2017 and doing some reflection, I realized what’s most important to me. Now I'm finally prioritizing my writing. Words can influence people in powerful ways, and I'd like to make an impact on others with mine.