Marisa Russello

Marisa Russello is a writer, editor, mental health advocate & teacher.

I dictated my first book to my mom at age five when I had a crush on my best friend, Alex. I titled the story "I Love You, Alex" and featured a protagonist named Maria, which I believed was an excellent disguise for my own name, Marisa.

From the earliest time I picked up a pencil, I enjoyed scribbling on blank paper, whether drawing the next Picasso or imagining I was writing words. I've loved writing ever since, and my big dream became to publish a NYT Bestseller. (How hard could it be?)

Today, I'm passionate about connecting with people through language and in a variety of other ways. This site focuses on my writing—both fiction and nonfiction—and editing. To find out about my other work, please visit my delightful LinkedIn page.

Marisa as a child writer with a pen in her mouth and feet up on a desk.
Marisa Russello wearing a jean jacket.

Unfortunately, I believed people when they said writing was a hobby, not a “real job” like dog whisperer, instead of believing in myself. I let others make decisions for me, and I lost sight of my goals. Because of this, I took a long break from creative writing during college and my time working as a NYC public school teacher.

After experiencing a major turning point in my life in 2017 and reflecting, I realized what’s most important to me, aside from putting lemon juice on absolutely everything. Now I’m finally prioritizing my writing by working on a memoir. Words can influence people in powerful ways, and I’d like to make an impact on others with mine.

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Every day, Marisa Russello was overwhelmed by suicidal thoughts. Even one negative thought might cause her to spiral. A writer working on her book manuscript, she’d be unable to change a word without questioning the entire project’s value altogether. Her depression made it hard to fall and stay asleep. She developed insomnia and took to…

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In this interview, Bosh and Sina speak with Marisa Russello, a writer and mental health advocate who works at the Empowerment Exchange in Troy. We discuss her job where she supports people improving their mental health and wellness, one of the groups she facilitates called Alternatives to Suicide, and her suggestions for talking to people…

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AFSP: Out of the Darkness Walk

I’ve participated in the Out of the Darkness Walk every year since moving to upstate New York in 2018. I’m just one of the 12.2 million American adults who has suicidal thoughts. In 2022, I was honored to be the guest speaker for Columbia-Greene’s walk.  I’ll be a participant again this fall, and you can find my fundraising…

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