9 Things I Learned in Megan Stielstra’s Memoir Course

When I read The Wrong Way to Save Your Life by Megan Stielstra, I knew I had to apply for her intensive year-long memoir course, the first of its kind offered through Catapult. These intensive “generator” courses are offered every so often for writing memoirs, essay collections, novels, and poetry. There are even generator classes aimed at specific populations, such as queer and trans writers or writers of color. Although the price is steep, they offer need-based scholarships, and for me, the course felt like an excellent alternative to an MFA. I consider it the best investment I’ve made in my writing career—and I promise I’m not earning a commission for this!

Ask anyone who knows Megan and they’ll tell you she’s not only an amazing writer but an amazing human. What I love most is her passion for sparking uncomfortable conversations, her empathy, and her dedication to her students. I grew exponentially as a writer during that course, and in addition to the skills I learned, I feel more confident about the quality of my writing. For the first time, I have instincts as a writer, whereas before writing was a guessing game.

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About Marisa Russello

Marisa writes fiction and nonfiction from her home in upstate New York and is working on a memoir entitled Everything You Can’t Control. Find her on Instagram @marisarussellowrites.