The Former Teachers’ Club Podcast: Episode 22 Teachers Should Take Their Personal Days (from a mental health advocate)

Episode 22: The Former Teachers’ Club Podcast

During this episode Leah and Robin chat with Marisa Russello! Marisa is a former teacher who now works as a peer recovery specialist at a local not-for-profit where she supports individuals improving their mental health and wellness. Marisa is a writer and is working on finishing her first book! Her book, which is a memoir, is titled: Everything You Can’t Control. You will relate to this episode if you are working on your own mental health, wonder what positions could be available to you if you want to help people outside of teaching, or have ever thought about taking a sabbatical (and so much more!). Thank you again if you follow us—we are excited to have you here! Please share this episode with a friend that might be interested. You can find us @robbins_ready_learning and @reposner over on Instagram, or If you are interested in learning more about our guest, Marisa, please check out her website or Instagram @marisarussellowrites!


About Marisa Russello

Marisa writes fiction and nonfiction from her home in upstate New York and is working on a memoir entitled Everything You Can’t Control. Find her on Instagram @marisarussellowrites.