I spend the majority of my writing time revising a memoir entitled Everything You Can't Control. The story chronicles how a mixed manic/depressive episode derailed my life and relationships and how—by reevaluating my beliefs and examining choices I’d made—I fought my way back to reality and self-acceptance. The book tackles mental health, recovery, discrimination, and the way we see others as well as the empathy and kindness we show them. Read an excerpt.

The Illusionist: a flash fiction story

My first childhood dream was to become a world-renowned magician. Instead, I became an elementary school teacher (by day). And a high-end escort (by night). One of my earliest memories has somehow managed to shape what I’ve chosen to do with my life. This memory is from kindergarten in 1991 during the time I fell…

Of Mice and Mental Health

Demystifying and reimagining mental health. And mice memes.