I'm currently revising a memoir entitled Everything You Can't Control. The story chronicles my journey not only of struggle but also of triumph as I grapple with a mixed (manic/depressive) episode. All I want to do is teach middle school and at the end of the day, come home to my devoted husband, but when bipolar disorder causes a psychotic break that derails my career and threatens my relationships, I must fight my way back to reality and decide what I really want in life before I lose my job and the people who matter most. The book tackles key issues in modern mental health including employment discrimination, the taboo of suicide, and the way we see others as well as the empathy and kindness we show them. Read an excerpt originally published on Catapult.

13 Ridiculous Questions...Bipolar

13 Ridiculous Questions People Ask About My Bipolar

And how I’d like to respond. Are you sure you’re bipolar? You seem so nice… Continue reading on Buzzfeed

Caution! Hypersensitive Bipolar Lady Wearing Earplugs

Marisa and her husband were trapped on a flight at 36,000 feet when she had a mental breakdown. They’d hoped for an escape from her depression and anxiety; instead, stress and lack of sleep triggered her descent into a mixed state with psychosis. A mixed state, considered the most dangerous type of bipolar episode, is…

How LGBTQ+ Disabled People Are Celebrating Virtual Pride

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many in-person Pride events have been postponed or turned virtual. And while I do miss the experience of dressing in an all-rainbow outfit and celebrating in person with my friends—especially because a few of my close friends have come out since in the last year—the move to virtual events offers an opportunity…

The Illusionist: a flash fiction story

My first childhood dream was to become a world-renowned magician. Instead, I became an elementary school teacher (by day). And a high-end escort (by night). One of my earliest memories has somehow managed to shape what I’ve chosen to do with my life. This memory is from kindergarten in 1991 during the time I fell…

Of Mice and Mental Health

Demystifying and reimagining mental health. And mice memes.