Real People Real Stories

Logo for Real People Real Stories, which is black with white lettering.

At Ancram Center for the Arts in the Hudson Valley, I was honored to share my experience learning how other people’s perspectives can change the course of someone’s life as part of Real People Real Stories (RPRS) fall 2023 season. RPRS is a storytelling event similar to The Moth where stories are told, not read.…

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AFSP: Out of the Darkness Walk

Image reads: Join our Out of the Darkness community.

I’ve participated in the Out of the Darkness Walk every year since moving to upstate New York in 2018. I’m just one of the 12.2 million American adults who has suicidal thoughts. In 2022, I was honored to be the guest speaker for Columbia-Greene’s walk.  I’ll be a participant again this fall, and you can find my fundraising…

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